Underage Drinking in Plymouth

Plymouth Public Schools surveyed 2,801 students from four schools about underage drinking. This report examines the results.

Two middle schools and two high schools were surveyed. The middle schools were Plymouth South Middle School (7th to 8th grade) and Plymouth Community Intermediate School (7th to 8th grade). The high schools were Plymouth North High School (9th to 12th grade) and Plymouth South High School (9th to 12th grade). This report compares and summarizes the responses between the four schools. 

How often do teens drink alcohol?

"Over the last two weeks, how many times have you had five or more alcoholic drinks in a row?"

Out of all surveyed students who answered this question, 7.3% answered that they have drank more than five or more alcoholic drinks in a row during the last two weeks. 

"In the past year (12 months), how many times have you been drunk or high in school?"

Of students from all schools, 10.4% of students have ever been drunk or high in school in the past year.

What do teens think about underage drinking?

"How do you feel about someone your age having one or two drinks of an alcoholic beverage nearly every day?"

About 75% of middle school students disapprove on someone their age having one or two drinks nearly every day. This rate is the same for high school students. 

"You are at a party at someone's house, and one of your friends offers you a drink containing alcohol. What would you say or do?"

Compared to middle school students, there were about five times more high school students who answered that they would drink the alcoholic beverage offered by their friend.

What do teens' families think about underage drinking?

"Does your family have clear rules about alcohol and drug use?"

Of all surveyed students who answered this question, 13.3% of students answered that they do not have clear rules about alcohol and drug use in their family.

"If you drank some beer or wine or liquor without your parents' permission, would you be caught by your parents?"

34.3% of all surveyed students answered that they would not be caught by their parents if they had alcohol.

Liquor: vodka, whiskey, gin, etc.

More Information

Data was provided by the Plymouth Youth Development Collaborative (PYDC). Not all students surveyed answered every question.

PYDC was founded in 2004 as a sub-committee of the Community Health Network Area. The PYDC is a community coalition motivated around enhancing the lives of youth in our community.

The mission of PYDC is to strategically prevent and reduce substance abuse and misuse, to increase the protective factors that support a healthy community, and to enhance community collaboration in Plymouth.

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