High-quality, full-day pre-kindergarten remains unaffordable for many parents despite offering lifelong health, social and economic benefits.

Full-day pre-kindergarten with a mandatory educational component addressing literacy, numeracy, cognitive development, socio-emotional development, and motor skills.

Approximately 33,300 four-year-olds from low and moderate-income households in Los Angeles who are not currently enrolled in quality full-day preschool (this assumes a 75% take-up rate).

For an estimated total cost of $9,822 per student, enrolling 33,286 additional four-year-olds in Los Angeles:

We use a variety of data sources to tailor our analysis to the location and to make our estimates as accurate as possible. However, sometimes data is unavailable, either because it has not been collected, or because it is not shared publicly. We encourage government agencies and other organizations to share their de-identified data online and researchers to prioritize the following gaps in the data.

Detailed Arrest Data by Neighborhood - While information on crimes broken down by neighborhood is available, it is difficult to find clear numbers on how many of these crimes led to arrests, and how many arrests led to conviction and/or incarceration.

Detailed Demographic Data on Children Enrolled in Preschool - Data on household income, race, and other demographic factors is freely available. There is also publicly available data on the number of children enrolled in preschool, and whether these children are enrolled in public or private school. However, there is little data specifically matching enrollment data with demographic data.