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About the Facilitators

Well Being in the Nation (WIN) Network

The Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network is a growing, diverse strategic network coming together to advance intergenerational well-being and equity. The WIN Network is supported by Well-being and Equity in the World (WE in the World).

What does WIN work on?

1. Expanding the vital conditions everyone needs to thrive—without exception—through relationships and system change.

2. Changing culture, policies and systems that perpetuate legacies of trauma and exclusion to ones which create dignity and inclusion.

3. Shifting from a reactive, adversity-based economy to a proactive well-being based economy.

How does WIN do its work?

By advancing WIN measures, policies and investments, stories and dialogue and narrative change, and demonstrations of intergenerational well-being together.

100 Million Healthier Lives

100 Million Healthier Lives, convened by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is an unprecedented collaboration of change agents across sectors who are pursuing an unprecedented result.

• Mission: 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020.

• Vision: to fundamentally transform the way the world thinks and acts to improve health, well-being, and equity to get to breakthrough results.

Together, we are systematically creating a community of solutions to the most intractable challenges that stand in the way of achieving health, well-being and equity across the globe. Our network of partners currently includes more than 1,800 members in 30 countries worldwide, who collectively reach over 500 million people in 200+ communities and all 50 states of the US.

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS)

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) serves as the statutory [42U.S.C. 242k(k)] public advisory body to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for health data, statistics, privacy, and national health information policy and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Committee advises the HHS Secretary, reports regularly to Congress on HIPAA implementation, and serves as a forum for interaction between HHSand interested private sector groups on a range of health data issues. The Population Health Subcommittee has been guiding this work on behalf of NCVHS. 

Letter from NCVHS, linked above.

“One critical priority for the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics is to lay the groundwork that others may build on to enhance the health of our nation. The 100 Million Healthier Lives Collaborative has done a remarkable job growing the foundational NCVHS Framework for the Measurement of Population and Community Health and Well-being into a comprehensive tool that will well serve both communities and policy makers. The Collaborative’s expansive approach developed in the Well Being In the Nation (WIN) instrument generates the needed information to guide decision makers to improve the health and quality of life for the places we live and work.”

Bruce B. Cohen, Co-Chair, Population Health Subcommittee, NCVHS


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